Welcome to Jump in the Fire

  • We're here for the sole purpose of bringing some high flying fun and excitement to your next big event!
  • We currently operate a Trampoline Thing M40 dual jump mobile unit. It is a combination bungee/ trampoline that allows the jumper to achieve much higher jumps and flips than could be had from a trampoline.
  • We will also be operating an inflatable Giant Slide.
  • We spend weekends in the summer traveling to various festivals and fairs in and around north eastern South Dakota and the tri-state area
  • In the coming weeks we will post a calendar with all of our confirmed upcoming events.
  • Be sure to check out our Facebook page on a regular basis as we plan to have contests and promotions as the season rolls on. You also never know when your jump picture might be posted.
  • Jump in the Fire is also available for private and corporate events. Please call or email for pricing details.
  • Know of an event or a festival we should consider going to? Or have any thoughts or suggestions about us at all? Please let us know by posting on our Facebook wall. Event/festial coordinators, please contact us directly by phone or email.
  • This site will continue to be updated as the fire spreads across plains this summer.  We hope you'll come give us a look this summer!  So come on...

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